👛How to : Create or Import your Wallet

Creating or Importing Your DOGE Wallet

After successfully installing the DogeLabs Wallet extension, you can either create a new wallet (2) or import an existing one (3). This section will first cover how to create a new wallet. If you already have a DOGE wallet, simply click on "I already have a wallet" and follow the instructions.

Creating a New Wallet

1. Initiate Wallet Creation

  • Click on "Create new wallet" as shown in the image below.

2. Set a Strong Password

  • Create a secure password for your account. This password is used to locally unlock access to your account and is not stored online. It's crucial to keep this password safe and secure, ideally stored offline. It's as important as your seed phrase.

  • Once you've set your password, click on "Continue".

Note: The password is case sensitive.

3. Secure Your Secret Recovery Phrase

  • Carefully note down your secret recovery phrase, also known as the "Secret Recovery Phrase." This phrase is the key to your wallet, and losing it can mean losing access to your funds.

  • After writing down your seed phrase securely, check the box "I have saved my Secret Recovery Phrase" and click on "Continue".

Warning : Never share your seed phrase, if someone ask for it... It's a scammer, 100%.

4. Finalizing the Setup

  • Simply click on "Continue". There's no need to fill in the "Custom HdPath" and "Phrase" fields.

Congratulations, you now have your DOGE Wallet set up!

Note : You can click on the adress as shown above to have your full adress copied directly to your keyboard, just paste it anywhere if needed.

(Optional) Importing an Existing Wallet

If you already have a DOGE wallet:

  • Click on "I already have a wallet".

  • Follow the prompts to import your existing seed phrase.

By completing these steps, you're now ready to engage with the DRC-20 marketplace using your newly created or imported DOGE Wallet.

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