💸How to : Sell DRC-20 Tokens

If you've decided to sell your tokens, here's a step-by-step guide to listing them on the marketplace.

Step 1: Open Your Wallet and Select the Asset

  • Open your DogeLabs Wallet.

  • Click on the asset you want to sell. For this example, we'll use Dogi.

Step 2: Initiate the Transfer

  • Click on the "Transfer" button.

Step 3: Inscribe the Transfer

  • Click on "Inscribe TRANSFER".

Step 4: Specify the Amount to List

  • Decide how many tokens you want to list on the marketplace.

  • Even if you purchased a large quantity in one go, you can choose to sell them in smaller increments (e.g., 10, 10, 30, or all 50 at once), for this example, we choose : 50 dogi.

  • We recommend selling in smaller amounts for potentially quicker sales.

Enter the amount you wish to inscribe and click on "Next".

Step 5: Confirm and Pay for Inscription

  • Validate your listing by clicking on "Pay & Inscribe".


You've now created an inscription ready to be listed for sale.

Note: The indexer is always a few blocks behind, so your inscription may not appear in your DogeLabs Wallet immediately. It typically takes 20-30 minutes for the transaction to reflect. This is normal.

The 50 dogi are now transferable. Please note, they might appear as Transferable but still not visible on the marketplace and wallet when you click on the asset, again, that's normal. Please wait for the full 20-30 minutes, sit back and relax, all good.

Step 6: Navigate to the Marketplace

Once the inscription is visible in your wallet, head over to the marketplace to list your tokens for sale.

Step 1: Access Your Account

Step 2: View Your Transfer Inscriptions

  • Click on the "Transfer Inscriptions" tab under the DRC-20 section.

  • Here, you'll see all your inscriptions. For example, in this tutorial, we're using the 50 Dogi inscription.

  • Click on "List"

Step 3: Fix Your Price

  • Once you click on list, now, enter the desired selling price, as shown below :

  • Click on "List now"

  • Sign the transaction :

Congratulation ! Your order is now listed !

By following these steps, you’ve successfully listed your tokens on the DRC-20 marketplace. Remember that the time it takes for your listing to appear and attract buyers can vary.

You'll be able to find the projected price according to their potential marketcap in the How to : Find GEMS page.

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