💸Balance Transfer

Hello, Shiba Scout! 🐾 Are you set to transfer a balance? Here's your guide!

  1. Inscribe the Transfer Function: Start by inscribing the transfer function on your Doginal-compatible wallet. It's crucial to double-check all the details before initiating the inscription process - akin to verifying a map before embarking on a journey!

Words of Caution

  • Understand the Inscription Service Process: If you're using an inscription service, keep in mind that they might first write the token to their own address before sending it on to you. This could squander a transfer function if the service's address doesn't carry a balance.

  • Watch Out for New Addresses: Remember, some wallets create a new address for each transaction. Ensure you send the transfer to the correct address - the one with the balance you intend to move.

After you've completed the inscription, ensure it's valid. If it checks out, you can proceed to send it to the address where you want to move the balance.

Remember, Shiba Scout, precision is key when executing transfers. With the right knowledge and careful attention, you'll successfully navigate your transaction!

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