Have you decided that you'd rather keep those "woof" balls instead of throwing them for a fetch? No problem at all! Whether you've had a change of heart or circumstance, here's how you can restore your "Available balance" to match your "Overall balance" (essentially calling all your thrown balls back into your hands):

The Quick Trick to Reverse a Transfer

  1. Calling Back Your Shiba: To reverse your decision, you simply need to transfer the transfer function inscription back to yourself. It's just like calling back your Shiba Inu before it's fetched the ball.

  2. Ready for Next Game: Once you've done that, you'll have all your "woof" balls back in your hand, and you're ready to face whatever comes next.

Remember, one of the hallmarks of our drc-20 playground is its flexibility. So feel free to change your mind whenever you need to. Enjoy your game!