Minting Your First DRC-20 Tokens

After setting up your environment, funding your wallet, and syncing it with the network, it's time to start minting your own DRC-20 tokens! This process can be done in one of two ways:

Single Minting

If you just want to mint tokens once, you can use the following command:

node . drc-20 mint <WALLET> <TICKER> <AMOUNT>

Replace <WALLET> with the address of the wallet you want to send tokens to, <TICKER> with the ticker symbol of your token, and <AMOUNT> with the number of tokens you want to mint.

Bulk Minting

If you're planning to mint tokens multiple times, you might prefer to use the bulk minting command. This allows you to set up several mints at once, letting the server do the rest:


Refer to our quick minting guide for more detailed instructions on how to use the bulk minting command.

With this, you're ready to start minting DRC-20 tokens!

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