🧯How to : Fix the remaining 00.01% if unlucky

Frequently Asked Question

Step 1: Remove the Browser Extension

  • Start by deleting the DogeLabs Wallet extension from your browser.

  • Important: Ensure you have your seed phrase written down before doing this.

Step 2: Clear Your Cache and Perform a Hard Refresh

  • Clear your browser's cache. You can usually do this by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Delete and selecting to remove everything.

  • Then, perform a hard refresh with Ctrl + F5.

Step 3: Reinstall the DogeLabs Wallet

  • Go back to the official site or Chrome Web Store and reinstall the DogeLabs Wallet extension.

Step 4: Create a Fresh Wallet

Step 5: Resume your activity

  • You can buy with this new wallet.

  • If needed, you can transfer to your main wallet, see our guide.

By following these steps, you can quickly troubleshoot and fix most issues you encounter with the DogeLabs Wallet and the DRC-20 marketplace.

Having another trouble ? Create a ticket on the official marketplace !

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