💎How to : Find GEMS

If you're unsure about which token to mint, it's essential to perform your own research. This process, often referred to as "Doing Your Own Research" or DYOR in the crypto world, is a crucial step before making any decisions.

A good place to start your research is the DRC-20 website. There, you can find a wealth of information about different tokens, including:

  • Number of Holders: The number of individuals or entities holding a token can provide insight into its popularity and distribution.

  • Percentage Already Minted: This data can help you understand how much of a token's total supply has been minted. It might give you an idea of the token's potential for future value, especially if there's a cap on how many can be created.

  • Social Media Presence: You might want to consider checking out the social media profiles related to a token. The quality of posts, frequency of updates, and engagement with followers can provide hints about the team's dedication and the community's enthusiasm.

  • Token's Use Case: Consider the purpose of the token. Does it support a particular service or ecosystem? The more utility a token has, the more potential it holds.

Remember, while these factors can provide useful information, they don't guarantee success. It's always a good idea to consult multiple sources and consider various perspectives when conducting your research. In the end, the decision on what token to mint should align with your individual goals and risk tolerance.

Tokens we like so far :

Not financial advise, always do your own research.




dcex (dogi's utility tokens : CEX / Marketing / DRC20 Development)






Remember : Always Do Your Own Research !

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