đŸšĻHow to : Verify my JSON File

If you're looking to mint your own tokens using custom scripts or inscriptions, it's crucial to ensure the integrity of your JSON file before proceeding. Even the slightest discrepancy in the use of quotation marks or an invalid schema could result in a valueless transaction, effectively causing your minting attempt to fail. To prevent such issues, we recommend using a JSON validator to verify the structure and format of your JSON file before you begin minting.

Steps to Validate Your JSON File:

  1. Visit https://jsonlint.com/. This is a simple and user-friendly tool for validating your JSON data.

  2. Copy the contents of your JSON file and paste them into the text box on the webpage.

  3. Click on the Validate JSON button. The tool will then check your JSON data for any syntactical errors and inform you if any are found.

If your JSON data is valid, the tool will return a "Valid JSON" message. If the tool finds any errors, it will highlight them for you, allowing you to fix the issues before proceeding with the minting process.

Taking the time to validate your JSON file can save you from potential setbacks and wasted resources. This step, although it may seem small, is a significant part of ensuring a successful minting process.

Happy minting!

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