Inscription-wallet, on Windows

A Complete Guide to Minting DRC-20 Tokens on Windows

The following guide will walk you through the process of setting up your environment and minting DRC-20 tokens on Windows using VeryDogeLab's Inscription Wallet. This process involves several key steps, including system setup, account registration on, wallet creation and funding, and ultimately, the minting process.

System Setup

Download and Install Git

  1. Visit the Git official site and download the Git for Windows installer.

  2. Run the installer and follow the prompts to install Git. Remember the location where Git is installed.

Download and Install Node.js

  1. Visit the Node.js official site and download the LTS (Long Term Support) version.

  2. Run the installer and follow the prompts to install Node.js. The Node.js package includes both Node.js and the npm package manager.

Clone Inscription Wallet Repository

  1. Open Git Bash, which was installed with Git. You can do this by searching for 'Git Bash' in your Start Menu.

  2. Clone the repository with the following command: git clone

You can also navigate into a specific folder by doing cd command. If you're only following those 1-2 steps, you inscription-wallet folder will be located in : C/Users/USERNAME/inscription-wallet

Register and Generate API Key on

  1. Visit and sign up for a new account.

  2. Once logged in, generate your Dogecoin API key by selecting 'Dogecoin' as the protocol and 'Mainnet' as the network, then clicking 'Get'.

  3. A new entry will appear under 'My endpoints', formatted as: This is your API key—keep it safe and do not share it.

Configure Your Environment

  1. Navigate to the inscription-wallet directory in Git Bash: cd inscription-wallet.

  2. Create a new .env file by copying the example file: cp .env.example .env.

  3. Open the .env file in a text editor and fill in the following information:


Replace YourAPIKey with your actual API key from

Install bitcore-lib-doge

  1. In your inscription-wallet folder, launch the following command :

npm install bitcore-lib-doge

Create and Fund Your Wallet

  1. Create a new .wallet.json file with the command: node . wallet new. This will generate a new Dogecoin address.

  2. Send Dogecoin to the newly created address. We recommend sending at least 200 DOGE if you plan on minting tokens rapidly.

(Optional) Split UTXOs

If you plan to mint a large number of tokens, consider splitting your Unspent Transaction Outputs (UTXOs) to facilitate multiple transactions concurrently. To split your UTXOs, use the command: node . wallet split <count>. We recommend splitting into 50 UTXOs.

Sync Your Wallet

Sync your wallet with the command: node . wallet sync. You should see the amount of Dogecoin received by your wallet.

Mint DRC-20 Tokens

You can mint tokens individually with: node . drc-20 mint <WALLET> <TICKER> <AMOUNT>, or in bulk. If you want to use the bulk minting command, refer to the quick minting guide for more detailed instructions.

Congratulations! You're now ready to mint DRC-20 tokens on Windows using VeryDogeLab's Inscription Wallet.

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