đŸĒ›Node : Command list

Create a doge wallet:

node . wallet new

Synchronize your doge wallet:

node . wallet sync

Splitting your UTXOs:

node . wallet split <count>

Replace <count> with the desired UTXOs amount.

Send funds (DOGE):

node . wallet send <WALLET> <OPTIONAL AMOUNT>

Replace <WALLET> with the wallet that will receive your DOGE. Replace <OPTIONAL AMOUNT> with the desired amount. (leave blank to send all your DOGE)

Mint a token:

node . drc-20 mint <WALLET> <TICKER> <AMOUNT>

Mint a transfer inscription:

node . drc-20 transfer <WALLET> <TICKER> <AMOUNT>

Mint from file :

node . mint <WALLET> <PATH>

From data:


Example : node . mint DSV12KPb8m5b6YtfmqY89K6YqvdVwMYDPn "text/plain;charset=utf-8" 576f6f6621

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